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Can I change my conservatory roof without planning permission?

Yes, you can change your conservatory roof without planning permission, however, we recommend
speaking to specialists to ensure that the foundations and structure of your conservatory are sound
and can support the weight of a new roof.

How much does a conservatory roof cost in the UK?

There is no average cost for conservatory roofs in the UK as each build comes with its unique
requirements including the type of roofing chosen, the size of the structure, the materials used and
any added extras, therefore we recommend getting in touch with us for a FREE quote.

What is a warm conservatory roof?

A ‘warm roof’ conservatory uses an insulated roof system comprising composite tiles as opposed to slate and is similar to solid conservatory roofs in that it gives conservatories a ‘room-like’ feel. A key benefit of warm conservatory roofs is that they come with fantastic insulating benefits that will make you feel even more snug in the colder months and will keep you even cooler throughout the summer.


High-performance technology and thermal insulation
Adds privacy and creates a ‘room-like’ feel,
Blends seamlessly with the existing exterior of your property
Fully customisable and weatherproof

What is a glass conservatory roof?

A glass conservatory roof is one of the most traditional options for conservatory roofing, primarily due to the desire to create a classic conservatory appearance. Glass conservatory roofs boast a clean, modern look which allows your space to be filled with natural light, whilst also taking advantage of double-glazing technology which keeps your conservatory cool in the summer and warm in the winter so that you can enjoy your space all year-round.


Boast natural light
Timeless, traditional conservatory roof design
Innovative double-glazing technology
Fully customisable and weatherproof

What is a solid conservatory roof?

A solid roof or tiled conservatory roof is a great option for those looking to seamlessly blend their new extension into the rest of the property’s existing exterior. A benefit of solid conservatory roofs that glass roofs don’t offer is the broad range of customisation options available including colour, style and finishes. As well as giving your conservatory a more ‘room-like’ feel, solid conservatory roofs also offer greater thermal performance when compared to glass conservatory roofs.


High-performance with greater insulation
Adds privacy and creates a ‘room-like’ feel
Blends seamlessly with the existing exterior of your property
Fully customisable and weatherproof

Does adding a solid, tiled roof to a conservatory add value?

Although a glass roof for a conservatory provides a traditional and classic look, solid roofs are known
to add much more value to your property. As they blend in seamlessly with the property’s exterior,
provide greater thermal protection and are highly resilient, they are undeniably an attractive feature
for potential buyers.


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