Double Glazed Unit Replacement

Double Glazed Units should remain condensation free for well over ten years. However, when they do mist up, it will be because the sealant used around the edges of the glass has broken down. This creates windows that constantly look dirty and reduce the amount of light that comes into your home. It also means the insulation feature is not working properly, which can lead to higher energy bills.

If you notice condensation between your double glazed units, we would be happy to give you a free no-obligation quotation to replace the broken down unit, whether it be clear, obscure or patterned glass. We also provide a ten year guarantee on double glazed units so if they were to break down with condensation we will replace it for free.

We are also happy to replace double glazed units that have been broken and can also advise when we visit; regard the safety of the unit at the time. If needed, we can arrange to make safe where possible, whilst the new units on order.

Stained Glass & Bespoke Double Glazing

Stained Glass Double Glazing has become increasing popular over the years as many people find that it adds potential value and style to their home or property.

If you are looking to add a little character to your home, then we can help by supplying many different designs for Windows and Doors alike. We have also had Customers’ Own Bespoke designs recreated for them to fit into a window or Front Door. In addition to new designs we can also often template an existing design and have it recreated for our customers into a double glazed sealed unit.

We are happy to discuss options with you.

Obscure Privacy Glass Options Pilkington Obscure pattern window glass range

Pilkington is one of the world's leading manufacturer of glass and you can customise the glass with your order to fit your exact requirements. The main reason you would select patterned glass is for privacy purposes ie bathroom windows. Pilkington call their obscure glass textured glass as if you run your hand over the glass it's textured.

There are 5 privacy levels of obscurity (1 is least 5 is most obscure) but still allows maximum light and gives a nice decoration. Only one pane of glass in the sealed unit of the UPVC double Glazing has the pattern and normally faces the inside of the room.

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Other Double Glazing Repairs

Alphaglaze (Croydon) Ltd are also able to consider all other aspects of Double Glazing Repairs, including: Door & Window Handles

  • Hinges
  • Window Locking Mechanisms
  • Key/Cylinder Changes
  • Door & Window Restrictors
  • General Servicing
  • Cat Flap Supply & Installation

  • Give us a call or send us an email / photos and we will be happy to help.