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Established over 20 years ago we at Alphaglaze have delivered professional, quality workmanship to our loyal customers and offer personalised solutions across all of our services including Garden Rooms, Conservatories, Orangeries, Porches, Bay Windows, Heritage Windows, Rooflines and more! So, if you’ve been looking for a well-established company that can deliver reliable, affordable general repairs combined with outstanding levels of customer service, then you’ve found the answer with us.
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Our Reliable, Affordable General Repairs

No one plans for their home fixtures, fittings and extensions to need repairs and if you’ve been wondering ‘can you repair uPVC windows’ or ‘can you repair composite doors’, then the answer is yes! At Alphaglaze we have the experience, skills and capabilities to assist with a variety of home repairs and will respond to enquiries within one working day to get your home fittings fully functional in no time at all.

How do I know if my windows or doors need repairing?

Experience tells us that there are several warning signs that your windows and doors may need repairing. Here are some of the key red flags to look out for…

Damaged or Broken

If you’ve spotted that the frames or glass on your windows or doors are damaged or broken, then it’s vital to get these repaired as soon as possible. Not only could this kind of damage have a negative impact on the efficiency of your property, but it is a high-security risk that could put you and your home in danger.

Unwanted Noise  

A key warning sign that your windows or doors may need repairing is that you’ve noticed unwanted noise entering your property. If you’ve noticed that you’re hearing more of the outside world within your property, it’s a sign that there is a fault in your windows or doors that needs to be fixed as soon as possible.

Ingress of Moisture

If you’ve noticed water, moisture or condensation within your property, it’s essential to get in touch with experts to take a look at your windows and doors. If not repaired, this can lead to mould and rot within your property which can cause damage to your property and could be hazardous to your health.

Difficult to Open and Close

If you’re struggling to open and close your windows and doors, this means that there is a fault with their overall mechanisms and function. Make sure you contact specialists straight away so that they can act quickly to ensure that you are safe and protected within your home or property.

The Cost of Your Bills has Increased

Unfortunately, when windows and doors need repairing, a costly warning sign is that the price of your bills may increase. If you want to avoid paying over and above for your energy bills, it’s vital that you contact specialists to ensure that necessary repairs are made quickly and efficiently.

Locks Aren’t Working

Broken locks or locks that aren’t functioning as they should compromise your safety as well
as the safety of your home and belongings. Your safety is our first priority and it’s crucial that you call upon experts as soon as you spot problems with your locks to ensure that your home security is functioning as it should.

What else might need to be repaired?

We provide excellent customer service and aftercare and will respond to enquiries within one working day,
meaning that whatever type of repairs you require, we can assist quickly.

Our general repair services cover:

PVC Doors & Windows
Composite Doors & Front Doors 
Bifolding Doors
Patio Doors
Bay & Heritage Windows 
Garden RoomsConservatories, Orangeries 
Conservatory Roofs 
And many more!  

How much do general repairs for doors or windows cost?

There is no average cost for general repairs as each circumstance comes with its unique requirements,
therefore we recommend getting in touch with us for a FREE quote.


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We have over 20 years of experience and provide quality workmanship to our valued customers.

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We provide excellent customer service and aftercare and will respond to enquires within one working day.

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