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What are sash windows?

The phrase ‘sash window’ refers to any window type that doesn’t swing open on a hinge and instead slides vertically or horizontally to open. Most commonly, sash windows open vertically (either at the top or the bottom) and consist of two frames (or sashes) that fit into the frame with one positioned in front of the other and run on vertical grooves to open and close smoothly, without the risk of rubbing or damage. The sash windows are manufactured using counterbalances consisting of weights on cords or pulleys which assist in the tracking movement of opening and closing the windows.

What are flush sash windows?

Where sash windows comprise two sashes (or frames) stacked on top of one another, flush sash windows, also known as flush casement windows, use a single frame that doesn’t extend out further than the window frame so that they sit ‘flush’. This sash can be manufactured to open inwards or outwards, although the outwards configuration is most chosen. Both sash windows and flush sash windows create a traditional, classic look that is suitable for any property type but is favoured among period property owners. Not only do they enhance the appearance of a property with a traditional ‘feel’, but they come with all of the modern benefits that this material provides.


For over 20 years we have seen our customers enjoy the many benefits that this window type provides first-hand. Here’s why they are so popular among many of our customers…

Durable & Resilient

Sash windows are often made from uPVC double-glazing which is highly durable and resilient and can last up to 35 years if maintained properly. Our uPVC windows are manufactured, supplied, and installed to exceptionally high standards using high-quality materials.

Traditional & Stylish Appearance

Flush sash and sash windows are known to be attractive features on properties and give them much-desired kerb appeal. They can look traditional and authentic, whilst also balancing this with stylish and contemporary needs.

Boosts Natural Light

As sash windows have multiple, often large, panes of glass, they will undoubtedly boost natural light within the property. Furthermore, they take up minimal wall space to achieve this effect.

Better Ventilation

As sash windows can open almost halfway, they can allow greater levels of airflow within your property. Better ventilation will also help with health conditions such as asthma and a reduction in moisture in the home.

Add Value to Your Home

Flush sash and sash windows are seen as attractive features to many potential buyers and will drive up the value of your home, whether you’re planning on selling soon or are making an investment for your future.

Are flush sash and sash windows uPVC?

While many period properties have windows made from timber or similar, these come with their own set of complex challenges in the modern day such as thermal efficiency and safety. Flush sash and sash windows can be made from uPVC double-glazing which provides much higher levels of security, are more energy-efficient and come with an A+ energy rating.

What is the cost of sash windows in the UK?

The average cost of installing flush sash or sash windows in the UK varies depending on a few factors, largely the number of windows you will be installing.

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