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What is a Conservatory?

When first introduced, conservatories were primarily greenhouses. In the 21st century, however, they’ve evolved into versatile spaces suitable for various purposes. Our conservatories in Croydon feature transparent roofing and walls, creating additional living spaces, sunrooms, playrooms, or open-planned dining areas.


    The Benefits of Conservatories

    For over two decades, our customers have enjoyed the numerous benefits of our conservatories in Croydon. Discover why conservatories in Croydon are so popular among homeowners:

    • LMulti-Functional Spaces

    The possibilities for our conservatories in Croydon are endless. Designed to suit your bespoke requirements, these spaces can adapt to your needs, providing flexibility for various functions. Whether you envision a serene home office, a vibrant playroom, or a cosy reading nook, our conservatories transform to accommodate your lifestyle.

    • Long-Lasting & Structurally Sound

    Built with high-quality materials, our conservatories in Croydon ensure longevity and structural integrity. Equipped with double-glazing, plumbing, and electrics, they offer peace of mind for the years to come. Our commitment to durability means you can enjoy the beauty and functionality of your conservatory without worrying about maintenance.

    • Versatile Design

    Customise your conservatories in Croydon with a broad selection of colours, styles, designs, and finishes. From lighting to flooring and roof finish, everything is tailored to your preferences. Embrace your individuality and make a statement with conservatories in Croydon that reflects your taste.

    • Increases Property Value

    Conservatories in Croydon are attractive features to potential buyers, adding hassle-free additional space to your property. Whether selling soon or investing in the future, our conservatories enhance your home’s value. Expertly crafted conservatories in Croydon contribute to the overall appeal and market value of your property.

    What are the differences between an orangery and a conservatory?

    With home renovations on the rise, the lines between what orangeries and conservatories in Croydon are have become blurred. Here are some of the main differences between the two extension types…

    Pitched, glazed roof with more than 75% glass. 
    Roof with a central lantern, less than 75% glass. 
    Glazed walls, more than 50% glass. 
    Large, tall windows, less than 50% glass. 
    Built against the main wall of the property. 
    Standalone or against the side of a property. 
    Fully glazed frame. 
    Brick-built corner pillars and/or walls. 
    Can be rectangle, P or T-shaped.  
    Square or rectangular shape. 
    Glazed structure, different in style to the house. 
    Similar in style to the house. 

    FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions about Conservatories

    1. Do I need planning permission for a conservatory?
    In many cases, conservatories in Croydon are considered permitted development, but certain conditions must be met. It’s always best to check with your local authority or consult with a professional.

    2. How long does it take to build a conservatory?
    The length of time it takes to build conservatories in Croydon will vary depending on the size and complexity. Speak to our specialists for a more accurate timeline.

    3. What are the maintenance requirements for a conservatory?
    Regular cleaning of glass and frames is necessary to keep your conservatory looking its best. Periodic checks for leaks or drafts are also recommended.

    4. Can a conservatory be used all year round?
    Yes, with the right insulation and heating, well-designed conservatories in Croydon can be used in all seasons.

    5. What type of glazing is best for a conservatory?
    Double or triple glazing is commonly used in conservatories in Croydon to maintain comfortable temperatures throughout the year.


    Is an orangery cheaper than a conservatory?

    Conservatories in Croydon will be cheaper to build than an orangery for several factors. Primarily because an orangery has more solid walls than a conservatory and will therefore be more complex to build and will use more materials. Simple uPVC conservatories in Croydon can cost in the region of £5,000 however, an orangery could be upwards of £15,000. Contact us for a FREE quote.

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